zGames – Game Development Studio

With over 9 years of development experience and a dozen titles in our mobile game portfolio — proprietary and on-demand — our enthusiasm for creating more compelling, more technologically advanced video games shows no signs of abating. What’s more, the success of our clients encourages us to go the extra mile in exploring new opportunities, technological know-hows, and promising gaming trends.

Whatever gaming genre or technology platform you’re targeting, leveraging zGames team’s solid engineering skills, subject-matter video game development expertise, and genuine passion for quests could be your best bet.



We build native Android gaming applications with advanced performance that deliver a seamless user experience to gamers of this most ubiquitous mobile platform.
zGames offers hands-on expertise in creating platform-independent mobile games on the Unity3D platform that boom on both smartphones, tablets, and next-generation consoles and devices such as OUYA, Leap Motion, NVIDIA’s Shield, and GameStick.
zGames has an exceptional skillset in design and the full-cycle development of user-centric iOS games for iPhone and iPad with a special emphasis on smooth UI interaction.