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Fright Fight is the first cross-platform 3D online free-to-play multiplayer brawler.

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Fright Fight in the Limelight

“If you love fighting games or brawlers like Super Smash Brothers, then Fright Fight is gonna hit you right in your sweet spot”

“There's massive potential for Fright Fight


“This multiplayer brawler is the perfect means to unleash the beast within you”

“You may not pull off extravagant combos along the way, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be having fun bashing baddies in online showdowns”


Fright Fight pits players against each other in true 3D brawler action, all in real-time, just like you were playing a similar game on a console.”

“Gameplay is frantic and fast, with rapid respawns ensuring that players can carry out their revenge in no time”


“Fans of the Super Smash Bros. games in search of something similar on mobile are in luck”

“I find the gameplay and graphics to be very impressive in this game and I can see how this one can be pretty addictive”


“If you love Nintendo's Super Smash Brothers franchise, you owe it to yourself to check out Fright Fight

“A new free-to-play, online-multiplayer brawler that has players controlling a variety of spooky monsters in fights to the death atop floating platforms. It’s chaotic, insane, and mostly fun”




It’s a real-time action multiplayer. The gamer allows connecting to up to 3 opponents to have a short 2-minute match — which may remind you of the World of Tanks. We’ve spent tons of time balancing our multiplayer (and we continue improving it). The game also balances the opponents set, which means you will not face 20th level character if you have 5th level yourself. To make our multiplayer as smooth as possible, we’ve even introduced a special prediction system that projects each character’s location despite the lags and packet losses that may occur due to the weak online connection.



Each character in the game has its own style and tactics. For example, Khan the Werewolf is a good “scout”, and Hugo the Yeti is a classic “tank”. The RPG system includes unique skill tree for each character, meaning the gamers can choose their unique style and game tactics and support them with the appropriate skills. In addition to the character skill trees, Fright Fight’s RPG system includes purchasable items (e.g. weapons, armor, rings, amulets, etc.).

RPG Elements

Gesture based controls

We believe we’re doing quite an innovative thing with game controls. When we first revealed the gameplay to the public, one of the immediate questions voiced was “Show us all the buttons on the screen to see how the actual gameplay works”. The thing is there are no buttons at all! All the movements and attacks are controlled with just two fingers by very simple “touch-or-swipe” gestures. This is really amazing!

Gesture based controls

Boosts, bonuses, items

In Fright Fight, gamers are able to use different boosts and bonuses. We’re also planning to introduce items, skins, and even pets as a part of the RPG system.

Already implemented:

  • Pre-match boosts (you can spend some coins earned to strengthen your character right before the match)
  • In-arena items (bonuses and various items that you can pick on the arena during the match)

Planned for implementation:

  • Skins, items, armor, etc. that you’ll be able to purchase to customize your character and get permanent bonuses to its abilities and parameters
  • Pet system

You can see all of these (implemented) elements in the gameplay video.


It is made with Unity, so it is basicly cross-platform. Although optimization for each platform does require effort. We think it’s awesome that everybody can play with their friends irrespective of their location and the type of the device they are using — be it an iOS or Android device (we’re thinking about PC too). We’re also targeting NVIDIA SHIELD and OUYA.


Is your team a big fan of horror movies and video games? What are some specific horror blockbusters that influenced its creative direction with Fright Fight?

What differentiates Fright Fight from the other multiplayer brawlers similar to Smash Bros.? What makes the game unique?

While the game is free-to-play, will there be optional premium items and upgrades available to players?

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