Add a Pinch of “You Won!” Excitement with Gamblification

A nascent trend in special features usage known as gamblification — employment of gambling mechanics for non-gambling purposes — has been settling in as one of the effective game development techniques for pumping up an existing conventional mobile game or significantly enhancing a brand-new implementation. If you’re building a casual or a mid-core game and are looking to extend the gameplay, as well as facilitate player engagement and retention, introducing gamblification is a surefire way to achieve these goals. Create suspense by integrating a betting mechanism, add virtual currency that will enable players to win virtual goods or enter tournaments and sweepstakes, incorporate a series of mini-games to enable players through skill and/or chance to obtain in-game items, and more.

zGames’ developers possess diverse development experience both in the pure casual and mid-core games that leverage gamblification and seamlessly integrate with a gambling platform of your choice. They cater for technology, operations, account management, gambling licenses, regulations, and compliance providing a reliable foothold for enhancing the game with a variety of gamblified features without crossing the line into illegal activities. The list of gambling platforms we work with includes:

  • Gamblit
  • OpenBet
  • Playtech
  • Betable
  • William Hill
  • Skillz
  • CashBet
  • Betfair Games API



Social Games: Wrapping Up a Gamut of Advanced Mechanics

Hold off on dismissing an unfortunate game that doesn’t pay off. Our team will suggest a relevant monetization technique based on game behavioral patterns of the target audience and spin off whole new game development cycle or reface your existing title with efficient skill-based or gambling frameworks.

Put the negative payoff drama to rest, as we tailor powerful game mechanics that’s uniquely designed to drive advanced value for your budget from any gaming pattern we implement, be it after match3 or casino fashion. The portfolio of game genre combinations our developers employ includes, but isn’t limited to the following models:

  • Match3 + gambling games
  • Card games + casual video games
  • Card games + other kinds of gambling games

The games we deliver are playable on a comprehensive park of devices, ranging from mobile phones and tablets to specialized gambling widgets that take place of those run-down casino slot machines.

Targeting Fine Points: Sound Your Audience out

First and foremost, before kicking off your project on a game of chance, it is pretty essential to accurately define the target group. When it comes to “skill and/or chance” model, the crux is that it’s anchored somewhere at the intersection of those bingo, match3, and slot games adherent circles. On top of that, depending on the geography, the sorts of gaming activities referred to as gambling may differ considerably throughout the world. Picking Central Europe as a target market, one would build gambling title on everything around cards, with a focus on best-selling poker and Blackjack schemes. The same wouldn’t be true for other, say, American regions, where nothing would help a game pay off a good take like classic slot mechanics.

Safe in the knowledge that it is always target audience that manipulates trajectories of both art and mechanics of a future game, and that these entities never exist separately, we bend over backwards to compose a roadmap for each new title, thoroughly investigating preferences out there within the group of potential users of your choice.

Analytical Tools as Risk Mitigators

Needless to say to what extent important performance is for any gaming project. For a gambling game, where users put all their fortune at stake, the game's stability and disruption prevention become mission-critical. Apart from a well-thougt gaming app architecture, under the hood there should always be a safety net comprised of analytical tools that will give you a clear picture of your app's performance, connection stability, user retention etc.  The implication is that a thorough investigation will often bring your game’s eventual economic woes down to a minimum.

We use the Amplitude based analytics that proved efficient in detecting monetization bottlenecks. The cross-platform system enables us to delve into the full-scale stats on user behavior, providing the team with an excellent opportunity to cut it fine with the troubles lest the gaming sessions start breaking off. We also use New Relic APM (on the server side) and New Relic Mobile (on the client side). These tools provide our game designers and development teams with highly-detailed analytical data and monitoring capability to help them track all client-server processes and performance in real time.

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