As with any software development project, gleaning ideas and expectations to map out a detailed action plan and deliverables is the cornerstone of a successful implementation with smarter resource allocation as well as deadlines and budget boundaries neatly met. Game development is no exception. Our team possesses a versatile track record in Game Design Document (GDD) creation covering a wide range of mobile game genres, including casual games, platformers, puzzles, fighters, and simulations, among others.

What You Need Is What You Get

Whether you’ve tons of exciting game ideas in stock or have some basic vision of the gameplay twists and turns, knowing how to bring a concept to life in such a fast-paced and highly competitive domain as game development, while cashing in the investment, requires profound technical and business acumen drawing on years of hands-on practice. That’s where zGames’ experience in crafting games based on well-outlined GDDs comes handy. A GDD resulting from teamwork between zGames developers, UI designers, artists, and QA engineers will beef up your existing ideas or implement your vision from the ground up to make an excellent roadmap for carrying out both relatively simple, as well as highly sophisticated game development projects.

Game Loop

Below are some typical situations around game development zGames can help you with:

  • You’ve a basic high-level game development vision and need help in bringing it to a greater level of detail.
  • You’ve a more or less shaped game development concept but would like to solicit professional guidance on technical perspective for mechanics realization and vision viability at large.
  • You’re considering adding gamification to a business app or its component systems. Some of the examples include: promo games for digital solutions; augmented reality games to promote real-world objects; event-focused apps.
  • zGames will create a complete GDD covering design, technical, technological, and business aspects of the game based on a full on proactive interactive sessions.
  • zGames will elaborate on all the critical technical aspects, suggest enhancements and provide practical implementation guidance.
  • zGames will provide viable gamification ideas with a step-by-step implementation guide.

Key Deliverables

Depending on the future game implementation complexity and allocated budget, the GDD may cover the following aspects:

  • Game Overview: concept of the game, visual statement and overall project scope
  • Gameplay: detailed menu and screen descriptions
  • Graphics and Animation: game graphics style, visual effects, animation
  • UI: screen flow chart with each screen elements individually described
  • Game Mechanics: game physics, objects, and actions
  • Feature List: list of game features that must be implemented
  • Game World and Characters: main and back story, story progress, chats, character descriptions
  • Music and Sound Effects: list of game music tracks and relevant sound effects
  • Game Balance: options for tuning the game’s rules to ensure efficient task performance and character role-playing
  • Help System: First Time User Experience in the form of hints and messages
  • Supported Devices: the list of target platform compatible with the game development technology
  • Business Aspects: core marketing points, audience, business model, advertising options, etc.
  • Future Plans: possible ways of game development and enhancement

World-class Game Experience

An essential artifact of a project, a quality GDD makes a powerful launching pad for jumpstarting an efficient and productive game development initiative. A few examples featuring complex, visually compelling and functionally engaging gaming experiences rolled out by zGames based on thoroughly elaborated GDDs include Pong World, QIX Galaxy, and Fright Fight.

GDD Evolution

From a Heads-up Display sketch in GDD to a full-scale arena scene in the final release playable on OUYA. The transition is smooth and up to the expectation, delighting both hardcore and casual brawler style gamers.

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