Are you looking to achieve extra-efficiency in game development in terms of time and cost to implement? These are exactly the areas zGames team does know a thing or two about. As a result of the dedicated effort of our game designers, artists, developers, and QA engineers who practice game creation with a “green” attitude — meaning no bit of code shall be wasted — we’re equipped with some home-grown but outrageously powerful tools that operate as highly productive game building accelerators. This intellectual property helps us stand out, while enabling our customers to secure a tangible cost advantage.

Code Library: Making Every Code Bit Count

Our team approaches every game artifact it produces with a methodical eye. Thus, to accommodate the need for rolling out releases faster, we’ve compiled a reusable code library that features a selection of patterns and systems scrupulously singled out, carefully sorted, and continuously improved over numerous usage iterations. Thanks to a modular structure of the stored components, the repository allows sharing the code library among multiple projects. This way we keep the repository up-to-date with proven solutions and latest component versions. Some of the key compounds featured in our reusable code library are:

  • Logs and asserts
  • Job-based asynchronous pattern wrapper
  • JSON wrappers
  • Global object loader
  • Developer сheat UI
  • Gesture control system
  • Analytics processing system
  • High level UI system
  • Application configuration system
  • Event system
  • 3rd party framework wrappers

DHUD: Pushing the Envelope of Traditional Game Debugging

zGames extends the capabilities of a traditional HUD with DHUD, the Debug Heads-up Display, specially created to facilitate game development on Unity. Designed to aid gamers in obtaining instant information on the character health, mana state, ammo amount, etc. without any distraction, HUD has been repurposed to significantly bolster the development effort. Thanks to its highly configurable and customizable nature, zGames’ DHUD makes an ideal Unity-driven game debugging and fine-tuning tool, especially when working in a time crunch.

Whether we’re looking to tune game parameters in runtime, view game logs both on the desktop and mobile app version, jump right into the required game level to fix the code without replaying the content from scratch; or if we want to add a UI for parameter tuning with a single code line, create developer-only cheating features, and more — DHUD makes game debugging and fine-tuning literally a breeze.

zGames have quite a bit of intellectual property that is reusable and well designed. It looked very professional and was very well done. Other partners were going to create a lot of code from scratch, and I liked that these guys had a lot of core code in place that they could take advantage of and that made it cost effective.

Client Review
IT Solutions Company building business apps and games for clients in the Biotech space

HockeyApp: Being Careful to Enjoy Testing Heyday

Waving goodbye to TestFlight, which does not support Android any more, we discovered HockeyApp providing a well of opportunities for distribution of apps’ beta versions. Thus, we hit the sure road using it as an objectively efficient tool for checking usability of our solutions, revealing loose ends if any, and analyzing implemented features or functional extendability.

Uploading our builds to HockeyApp, we make them not simply available for both clients and testers, but also easily accessible for downloading on the web straight to phone. The app provides our team with information on setups and crashes, and collects user feedback messaging us each comment. The tool enables zGames to keep the build history, making it handy to download the older versions if needed. In particular cases, when the target audience is narrow, we even use HockeyApp as a stage for live releases.

Get a Leg-up on the Competition with zGames

Significantly reduced time to release of a well-tuned and carefully tested game application are just a few benefits of tapping zGames’ geek mettle.