How do you make learning both effective and immersive? zGames team’s experience testifies that introducing game elements into the drilling process could change the way we perceive studying by calling for such important qualities in a student as collaboration, problem solving, communication, experimentation, and exploration.

Thanks to the ability to provide immediate performance feedback to the players, gaming is known to be a proven method of assessing knowledge comprehension of a learner.

Gamifying e-Learning with zGames: from Kids to Corporates

Whatever target audience you’re aiming at and whatever skills you intend to help acquire with your app — be it early childhood educational apps, specific skills drilling tools or corporate training solutions — our extensive game development experience would make an excellent launching pad for gamifying your e-Learning initiative.

A few examples of game projects that we delivered to help our clients advance understanding, skill acquisition and learning include:

  • Vocabulary and spelling training
  • Foreign language learning apps
  • Memory training puzzles
  • Safety rules explanation games
  • Guidelines for emergency situations
  • Parenting tips and best practices apps

Developing with Domain-specific Aspects in Mind

With its broad game app development background zGames has helped a number of publishing houses, design studios, and private accounts with coding and artistic design of game-driven educational applications. To deliver productive and engaging game-enabled e-Learning solutions and applications, we employ best-suited game genres taking into account all the domain-specific aspects:

  • Educational and business goals
  • Target audience profile
  • Psychological aspects of a learning process

Betting on Quality Game Design

Game-based application design focuses on the user engagement and retention, which are essential not only for gaming apps but for game-based educational apps as well. zGames’ team knows exactly how to achieve the right balance between the academic rigor and thrill of the game, while ensuring real-world knowledge acquisition. We also closely study the behavioral psychology and cultural background of the target audience to make sure only the relevant mechanics is employed.

Choosing the Right Mechanics

Irrespective of the game genre, whether we’re aiming to build an educational app centered on simulation, puzzle or arcade action, we focus on creating an efficient and arresting learning experience. We also can’t understate the importance of incentives in a learning process that motivate a player do better, get to the next level, and achieve the set goals. Our game designers are proficient in using incentivizing mechanics that foster engagement and retention:

  • Social interaction: collaboration, competition
  • Smart use of goals and parallel rewards
  • In-game events
  • Complex metagame mechanics
  • Progress and pacing tuning and much more

Besides developing an educational solution from the ground up, we can jump into the implementation process at any given stage to perform the app design audit and check the viability and consistency of the utilized mechanics.

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