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How do you shorten the time to market for your next epic game blockbuster? Ask zGames! We’ve gained extensive real-life exposure to creating compelling cross-platform 3D games powered by the most productive development ecosystem on the market — Unity.

zGames’ game titles are packed with compelling 3D graphics along with powerful game mechanics, and swiftly perform across major global platforms spanning iOS and Android for mobile devices, Android for consoles like OUYA and Shield, as well as desktop PC.

Solid Game Development Background

Our Unity Development Team has 25+ top-notch field experts on board, each boasting over 9 years of hands-on practice in game design and development and more than 5 years in Unity3D Game development alone.

Augmented with experienced game and graphic designers, 3D modelers, and sound engineers, zGames’ Game Development crew makes a highly capable and enthusiastic partner for crafting massively engaging and hooking 3D games.

Unity Development

Our Unity3D game development team comes on strong through the following capabilities:

  • Solid skills in technically complex game mechanics implementation
  • Development of advanced features: gambling, Facebook integration, augmented/virtual reality, and more
  • Hands-on experience in game physics programming
  • Significant technology background in special effects creation
  • Extensive practice in multiplayer/networking features implementation
  • Vast experience in a variety of in-app purchase models development and ad frameworks integration

zGames can handle your project as an end-to-end implementation taking it from conceptualization to release and submission to an app store. Such engagement options as Fixed Price, T&M, and Outstaffing as a remote resource utilization capability cater for better alignment with your current development needs.

Fast and Stunning Games with Flash to Unity Makeover

With HTML5 and a host of other web standards emerging on the market to cater for improved browser experience in lieu of Adobe Flash, the once popular technology faces the life-end date set some time soon. Gaming-wise, the recently surfaced unpatched vulnerabilities in Adobe’s Flash Player followed by bans from key browser players could not but reiterate the rationale behind using Unity as a go-to technology for crafting fully interactive and visually rich browser games.

Compared to Flash, some of the immediate benefits provided by the Unity technology are as follows:

  • Rapid implementation
  • Crafting fast starting and fast-running games, which is essential for mobile and desktop game apps
  • A more convenient way for integrating additional frameworks and plug-ins
  • A feature-rich and highly extensible game editor
  • A great variety of lighting options, shaders, materials, textures to choose from to render awesome 2D and 3D graphics
  • Almost unlimited capabilities for multiplatform game development
  • No player installation required to enable animation playback in the browser. WebGL, Unity’s built-in 3D graphics library allows games to carry out 3D rendering inside any supported browser without any plug-ins
  • Being under continuous improvement thanks to the community’s contribution, Unity offers loads of custom ready-made game components for purchase via its Unity Asset Store, thus allowing to dramatically shorten the time to release
  • The Unity 3D development team itself is tireless in pushing the envelope of advanced game development by packing up more cutting-edge features into each Unity release, rolling out a more powerful technology version on an annual basis

zGames Unity developers know how to leverage these and many other perks this booming development platform has in store when porting Flash-based browser games to Unity.

Leverage the Power of Web Solutions in Back-end

If you’re targeting to launch a full-scale mobile game app, our Web Development Team built of seasoned software architects, developers and business analysts with 6 to 12 years of subject-matter expertise is ready to take up the baton and lend a hand with your massive Unity3D game development idea. Boost your app’s power with an advanced web back-end for complex business logic execution to bring a more entertaining and immersive gaming experience to mobile devices.

  • Game server development
  • Online gamers’ accounts
  • Leaderboards
  • E-commerce features / Marketplaces / Payment gateways integration

Unity Developer Expertise for Propelling AR & VR Game Ideas

Now that AR and VR are paving the way into today’s digital and experience design, Unity software development platform creators are zoning in on making it the best fit for crafting XR solutions. zGames Unity 3D development team started to explore the toolset as soon as it was available, and by now had garnered solid experience in VR and AR game implementation. With Unity in-built capabilities resulting from the integration with major XR platforms such as ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia, as well as native graphics APIs and rendering power, the engine becomes a surefire tool for creating compelling augmented and virtual reality games with advanced motion tracking, plane finding and light estimation.

zGames takes advantage of its Unity3D game development skills to help its clients jump-start their initiatives in the field both for handheld and head-worn devices, including HoloLens, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, SteamVR and other headsets and mobile devices.

Unity3D Game Development: Spicing Up Your Titles with Multiplayer Experience

Unity offers a comprehensive set of tools for creating unmatched multiplayer games that evolve in continuum and will secure extended user LTV. The engine has advanced real-time analytics features that allow a Unity game developer assess a player experience, monitor their activity, surface errors, high-priority issues and analyze game performance, which will help to bring about necessary in-game economy tweaks, optimize its mechanics, eliminate performance issues and scale content accordingly, thus extending game longevity and monetization opportunities in the long run.

zGames is a Unity game development company that has adopted and now is well-versed in the GaaS (Game as a Service) development approach, ideal for creation of robust multiplayer titles. It centers on the optimal architecture for making constant game improvements (both functional and non-functional) and content scalability. Regular DLC updates and easily accessible and trackable performance metrics implemented by zGames Unity 3D development crew will increase your user retention rates and help you hook users for a long period of time.

Our Experience: Globe-trotting Game Titles

Unity game developers at zGames excited to have taken hand in a number of game releases that have won hearts and are still occupying minds of the global gaming community. Thus our recent launch of a freshly cooked 3D online multiplayer brawler for mobile Fright Fight, inspired by the legendary Super Smash Bros. title, has crossed the 100K installs mark within the first five days of being on display!

We have just hit another significant milestone with a brand-new mobile game release — Qix Galaxy. It’s a revolutionary remake of the classic Qix game by Taito Corporation first released back in 1981. Qix Galaxy is an arcade/puzzle game in a space opera setting with beautiful 3D graphics and particularly challenging and addictive gameplay mechanics.

Featured Games

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