Art creation is for sure one of the most time-consuming tasks in most of game production projects. The zGames Art Team is ready to step into the game to lend a hand in backing up your undertaking with concept art, 2D design and 3D modeling.

Natty illustrations and characters are to lure gamers into the imaginary game world before you even have a chance to hook your audience with compulsive gameplay and complex mechanics. We deliver the following art assets:

Concept Art


sketches of characters and environments, storyboards, mock-ups



humans, animals, creatures, other

Environment and Objects


terrain shapes, landscape features, hidden object scenes, weapons, tools, etc.

UI Design


splash screens, menus, buttons, icons, HUD, meta elements, etc.


Game Design Document and Art: Nail it From Pre-Production

Right off from the game design document creation stage, the zGames artists have their say helping to reduce the amount of “re”-movements — recoloring, remapping, remodeling etc. Our team will spitball ideas with reference materials, and provide concept art and storyboard sketches. Once equipped with a variety of visual hints, you can decide on the overall look and feel, and choose the game art variant that coincides with your vision of the game and is good to go. This material may also come in handy while pitching your game projects. Done with that, the zGames artists will get down to adding detail and fleshing out the concept ideas.

2D Illustrations, Isometric Graphics and Pixel Art

From pixel art to high-resolution 2D and 2.5D illustrations — zGames has creative game artists and designers to take care of such tasks. We create 2D and pseudo-3D art for games that come in all flavors, shapes and sizes  puzzles, platformers, arcades, match 3 games, sliders, RPGs and more. zGames has muscled up its art skill on dozens of titles for leading game industry players as well as on our own projects. Relying on this years-long expertise, we’ll make sure that your game features high-quality graphics within the shortest time period and at an optimal price.

2D Illustrations

3D Modeling and Animation: Audacious Adventures, Lifelike Experiences

To bring the boldest fantasy adventures and imaginary creatures to life or make your real-life simulation games feel 100% true, you can count on zGames’ 3D modeling competence. We’ll develop 3D characters and reproduce game locations that guarantee highly immersive experience and mirror the situations that can happen for real. Emphasizing the skeleton animation to make sure that the topology of 3D models remains intact, the zGames 3D modelers will help you recreate a lifelike experience for your game idea — from a low/high poly to a fully fledged skinned and rigged model ready to be animated and introduced into the game.

3D Modeling and Animation

Game UI: Immersion Impeccable Down to the Last Detail

Game UI design is aimed at amplifying the game narrative and making the interaction with characters easy and unencumbered. We’ll develop UI elements that lend themselves better to your game title and remain intrinsic to your game mechanics:

  • Diegetic — interactive in-world UI elements that enable visual, audible and haptic communication with the game environment and coincide with its geometry
  • Non-diegetic — UI elements that normally do not make part of the game’s fiction and are placed outside the game world
  • Spatial — UI elements that are still held within the game world and help players get additional info and instructions without having to come back to menu screens
  • Meta — UI representations of game objects and other elements that keep their diegetic characteristics and enhance the narrative, but remain out of 3D geometry of the game

Arsenal of 2D/3D Computer Graphics Software Tools

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere pro
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • 3D Studio Max
  • zBrush
  • Unity3D
  • Particle Designer
  • Spine
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Corel Painter

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If your game progress is stuck and your project is on hold because you fall behind with game art, drop us a line to discuss how we can help or enquire about our game art portfolio!

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