Educational Gaming Experience for Afterschool Activities

ME-GAMES is a large-scale educational quest gaming project funded by the US government. To deliver the title, zGames partnered with REESSI, Inc., a private research and evaluation firm. The app shall be used in an afterschool program for distressed and under-resourced schoolchildren to help them work out behavior strategies and identify themselves as a part of a larger community. The gaming project will be executed in several states across the US.

User Focus

The multiplatform app is comprised of a series of minigames under a common educational purpose. In order to learn the rules, the player can opt to either watch a video guide or read the textual instructions. To make sure that users have grasped the rules, the game starts with an application test. The home screen is a cartoonish town setting with a group of buildings. As the journey unfolds, the player enters them one by one to unlock new tasks.

Each task deals with issues that adolescents are most sensitive to: building relationships with parents and adults at large, socializing with classmates and members of interest groups. Put in a double bind by intricate real-life situations within the game, the players learn to choose best behavior strategies.

Supervisor Focus

Game supervisors are able to assign goals, observe and accept user reports, and moderate uploads from the backend. Cohesive visual interface allows to either expand the series with new features or add more minigames.


  • Game Design Assistance
  • Game Development
  • Prototyping
  • Art Design
  • Quality Assurance


  • iOS 7 or later
  • iPhone 5, iPad 3 or newer
  • Android OS 4.4 or later
  • WebGl

Key Features:

  • Multilevel minigames
  • Single player
  • Rich and vibrant 2D graphics and characters
  • Integrated analytical system
  • Downloadable without Wi-Fi connection
  • Badge boosts to unlock new tasks and access the message board