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Dungeon Kings is a turn-based, roguelike, arcade multiplayer PVP game. The gameplay encourages players to attack other players, build defense, explore dungeons, and fight insidious creatures.

The game’s architecture relies on the GaaS model, meaning the gameplay is fit for continuous content scale-up. Dungeon Kings has been soft-launched in France in a base gameplay version.

Roguelike Games

A subgenre of role-playing video games. Typical features: characters navigate a labyrinthine environment (a “dungeon”), while battling monsters, and cleaning out any treasure they come across; algorithmically generated levels; turn-based gameplay; tile-based graphics; and permanent death of the player-character.

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Raid Enemy’s Dungeons. Collect gold and treasures from other players worldwide.

Defend Your Treasures. Create dungeon defense by exploring the Dungeon World. Add the hardest rooms to your dungeon and watch how pathetic kings die there.

Get Incredible Power. Earn chests to unlock rewards, upgrade your defense, dungeon, and king to become the most powerful king in the world.

Show Your Skills. Dive into action and compete with other players worldwide to jump to the top of leaderboards.

Battle Epic Bosses. Defeat the famous fighters of Dungeon World! You will meet Minos the Minotaur, Death Knight, Mad Rick and others.


  • Game Design
  • Game Development
  • Prototyping
  • Art Design
  • Sound Effects
  • Quality Assurance


  • Android 5 or later

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