Fright Fight

Support zGames Kickstarter Campaign for “Fright Fight”

Indie game developer aims at $50K to release a multiplayer mobile brawler in Super Smash Bros spirit (beta-testing is open to the press upon request)

Houston, TX — October 24, 2013 — zGames, a multi-platform provider of games for all ages, announces the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for Fright Fight, the first 3D online multiplayer brawler for mobile, tablets and consoles. The new Halloween-styled game is a joint project of the company and APPSolute Games, a creative gaming start-up.

The campaign is live at http://zgam.es/FFatKS — providing the story behind the game, listing the team’s goals, and a number of great rewards for the project backers.

Key Features and UX

The game, in development for about 9 months now, is a mixture of classic RPG elements and battle mechanics inspired by the world’s best horror novels and fighters, including the legendary Super Smash Bros.

Game Setting: The art style and game setting create a mystic atmosphere many users seek. The Unity 3D engine, highly tuned, creates beautiful graphics with complex models, surroundings, shaders, and special effects and optimizes them for mobile devices.

Multiplayer: The team strives to provide a dynamic distribution of responsibilities between players and a powerful prediction system making online multiplayer matches delay-free and dramatic. The base goal at Kickstarter is to shift from a pure peer-to-peer networking system to a more productive and fast dedicated server to deliver an even better multiplayer experience.

Characters: Focus group research has shown that gamers get one-of-a-kind thrills while playing Fright Fight in multiplayer mode, when all four currently implemented characters are on the arena simultaneously. The selection of characters includes the most popular monsters, their unique attack types and combos are spiced up with fancy in-battle VFX for an immersive experience for the gamers. For example, playing as the bloodcurdling Grim Reaper one can slice through the air and opponents with a bloodstained scythe.


Fright Fight was warmly welcomed at the recent Global Mobile Internet Conference in Silicon Valley where it was demoed to over 10,000 attendees and recognized among the Top 20 Global Game Stars.