Fright Fight

zGames’ Online Multiplayer Fighter Hit 100K Installs

NVIDIA TegraZone and OUYA Game Store to bring more!

zGames, a multi-platform provider of efficient game development outsourcing services, announced today that Fright Fight, the first 3D online multiplayer fighting for mobile, has just hit 100,000 downloads — on its 5th day on the app stores. zGames is the muscle behind this new APPSolute Games’ title providing the full cycle outsourcing service — from game design and programming to visual and sound effects.

With Unity3D in the backend, the cross-platform brawler is a mid-core arena-based fighting game in a similar vein to the legendary Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Industry experts note impressive graphics and engineering, an addictive gameplay and smooth swipe and tap based controls, and unanimously admit this beat-em-up game has a great potential.

Following the global launch on Apple’s App Store and Google Play, the game is coming out on NVIDIA TegraZone and the OUYA Game Store in the coming weeks supporting a much-anticipated local multiplayer mode.