Unity WebGL

zGames Explores Unity WebGL Capabilities for Crafting Browser Games

With core browsers treating the Unity Web Player as a technology ‘non grata’, Unity WebGL makes quite a confident appearance on the browser-based game scene. Despite its early-access preview release, it has already become a go-to tech stack for Unity game developers involved in browser games creation. zGames’ Unity team has put the emerging build platform to the test transforming its upcoming console and mobile title Sky Rangers into a Facebook game. To recreate the majority of Sky Rangers’ features on the web, the team had to work around some of the existing functional limitations. They include wrapping Web requests, implementing multithreading, 3rd party framework integration, reducing file size and compilation time, to name a few. Overall, according to zGames’ development experience, once completely fine-tuned, the Unity WebGL build platform has all the prospects of grabbing a major spot in the mighty Unity technology ecosystem enabling developers to produce fully interactive and arresting 2D and 3D browser games.