Summer Edition
Having successfully hit delivery dates for several major titles, we have the bandwidth to take on new challenges. Now is a great time to leverage our creativity and technical game development knowledge. Meanwhile, here are a few of our latest accomplishments.

Test the waters of HoloLens augmented experiences with zGames

It is finally here! We are thrilled to announce the delivery of the HoloLens Developer Edition to our office in Houston. Jump on the discovery wagon with us to be among the early adopters of this cool powerful device.

Arty Merts

Take your game to a new level of visual appeal

Looking for ways to add extra visual punch to a video game? Arty Merts, zGames' Lead Developer, weighs in on the pro's and con's of custom shading with hands-on tips and use cases. More details in an article featured on


Meet with zGames' Web Back-end Guru in Houston!

Contemplating a web back-end for your sophisticated and complex game? Grab a one-off opportunity! Our hard-to-get web back-end guru, Paul Filipovich, has been spotted in Houston. Send your most pressing questions at [email protected] to book a meeting and get a free quote for your upcoming game project!

Paul Filipovich

Match 3volution

A gamblified combine-to-upgrade match 3 game

Match 3volution
  • Chip/money/power-up rewards
  • Interactive colorful animation
  • Unique sound


A 3D virtual volleyball training simulator

Match 3volution
  • Complex dynamics
  • Realistic presence effect with first-person camera mode
  • Achievements map and leaderboard

Give the Dog a Bone

An educational Unity-powered game

Match 3volution
  • Colorful cartoon-style graphics and characters
  • Health, score, and magnet boosts
  • Visualized progress on leaderboard


zGames' 8+ year track record in mobile game design and development spans dozens of gaming projects completed for some of the world-renowned publishers, producers, professionals, and emerging stars. Check out our new video overview below.

zGames Video


Leverage zGames' 3D modeling competence to craft fancy interactive visual effects, boldest fantasy adventures and imaginary creatures or true-to-life simulation games

Harness the power of the Unity engine to transform your Flash-driven browser games into fast and stunning titles

Extend the boundaries of a traditional gameplay by perking up your game with advanced game mechanics