Autumn Edition
As our projects grow more offbeat and complex, they become more and more inspiring to our team. Whether it’s a large-scale US government-funded project or a handful of unconventional titles hitting disruptive trends, we can share a bunch of exciting insights. Come take a peek!

Reach out to zGames for Social Justice

Social Justice

We are proud to announce our partnership with Research, Evaluation and Social Solutions, Inc. (REESSI) on a large-scale project funded by the US government. The gaming solution is designed to help distressed schoolchildren overcome discrimination and features a complex yet flexible architecture along with a cohesive visual interface.

zGames took up the challenge of delivering a neatly functioning web portal intended for management of the entire gaming world. Thrilled to take the project out for a spin, the REESSI team hits the road to give it a try with a focus-group of secondary school students on the first week of November.

Gaming out in the Real World

Interviews on TV

Just like we predicted last Christmas, the gaming environment has now extended its frontiers to move outdoors, engaging gamers in fascinating battles that get played out right on the streets.

Are we to expect a dramatic reduction of couch-potato gaming? Will we transform the gaming universe into place we’ve never seen before, one swarming with hidden objects, bonus chasers and Pokémon hunters? zGames tech gurus were involved in a couple of domain-specific interviews on TV and the web, where they outlined what the prospects for the outdoor gaming are.

Skill-based Gaming Is Calling

Gambling Game Development

The shiny casino business lures many, but only the luckiest ones survive. With our relevant expertise, we are here to help your next title attract new audiences by revamping slot machines with video gaming and gambling mechanics smoothly interwined.

New Game

Football training Simulator
Football Training Simulator

We’ve developed a 2D/3D Unity-powered virtual training environment that offers: