New Strategy Game

zGames’ Client to Struggle for Green Initiatives with a New Strategy Game

zGames team of game designers, Unity developers, and artists has finished a full cycle of works for one of its funniest yet much valued projects, Smoggle Smash. One of the title’s differentiators is that it combines idle gameplay with strategy tower defense, so that it can appeal to those who enjoy earning scores even being offline. What we love even more is that the game helps contribute to environmental conservation.

The title’s owner, SmashParks, Inc., is looking to raise money for buying land to be turned into public parks throughout the US. This means that each Smoggle Smash player helps crowdfund urban greening by purchasing in-game currency and watching video ads. Competing on a global scale, users can also earn scores to vote for real-world green initiatives like building or restoration of gardens, parks, monuments, and more.

January 1, 2018 is the end date of the first leaderboard competition, when the top player will be announced. The best Smoggle Smasher will name the first park built at the founder’s initiative.