Clutch Reviews

zGames Impresses on Clutch with Positive Client Reviews

At zGames, we have ten years of experience as a mobile game design and development studio. We pride ourselves on delivery high-quality solutions to our wide range of clients, blending problem-solving with entertainment and education. With our extensive programming and technical experience, we’ve successfully delivered dozens of solutions to startups and Fortune 500 clients alike. With our success, it’s no surprise that we are featured as a highly-rated company on Clutch, a ratings and review platform based out of Washington, D.C.

Clutch’s research covers mobile game developers around the world. Their complex research methodology assesses companies on a variety of factors, the most important being verified client interviews. We are proud to say that so far, we have only received positive reviews from our clients on our Clutch profile!

Our most recent five-star review comes from the CTO of a volleyball player mobile training game. The reviewer had the following positive feedback to share about our partnership:

“As an educational app that focuses on a very small aspect of Volleyball, the zGames team sought to understand our vision, how we were trying to train volleyball players, and what made our app unique. Speaking to them was a breath of fresh air with their enthusiasm and excitement for the project when it was so easy to get bogged down in the inevitable issues that come up when creating something new.”

Another five-star reviewer had the following praise to share:

“zGames certainly has a good vision for the concept of making a playable and potentially addictive product, and of what games should entail in general. When we received a new iteration, there was a significant improvement from the previous version every time. Every step was a big step forward.”

We’re happy to see that our clients continue to provide us with positive reviews on Clutch. We look forward to continuing our Clutch success this year and to receiving more encouraging feedback from our clients!