zGames and REESSI to Fight for Social Justice With New Games

zGames partners with Research, Evaluation and Social Solutions, Inc., a private Virginia-based research and evaluation firm, to deliver a large-scale gaming project funded by the US government.

Struggle for social justice is all the way a virtue in our age of disunity. So far, any good deed always goes payed off — that’s the case of one of our current customers. REESSI offered an initiative of educational gaming project for distressed schoolchildren to help them handle challenging situations, oppose themselves to domination and discrimination, and overcome the major risks of belonging to those minority groups. The idea resonated with the US government, and together both institutions selected zGames to take on the project, drawing on the company’s comprehensive portfolio spanning a full cycle of game design and development services.

Returned from the kick-off meeting with REESSI in Wintergreen, zGames squad zealously delved into another social project, that in time will for sure make a good take on our portfolio.

Kick-off meeting

The solution is set to be an entire game world comprised of a series of interactive games, held together by a cohesive visual interface. In order to enable customer to expand the series with more games, zGames is planning to implement a custom framework containing a set of pre-built default operations. The first milestone is coming out this fall.