QIX GALAXY, the Remake of Taito’s classic Qix, hits App Stores Worldwide

zGames, a multi-platform provider of creative and efficient game development outsourcing services, announced today they have dramatically revamped the classic Qix game by TAITO Corporation (TAITO®) for mobile devices. The remake is now available on all app stores as the brand-new QIX GALAXY and ready-made for Qix and sci-fi fans worldwide.

The classic Qix arcade game by TAITO first appeared in 1981, and remained a super-hit admired by several generations of gamers. The game has seen numerous clones and interpretations, but only QIX GALAXY by zGames delivers the unique user experience and addictive gameplay mechanics of the legendary game on mobiles in 3D.

QIX GALAXY is a free-to-play sci-fi adventure arcade game powered by Unity 3D, now available on iOS and Android-powered devices.

Key features:

  • Casual yet challenging gameplay with swipe-to-move control
  • 60 challenging levels and numerous missions
  • Dozens of sci-fi references for fans of classic sci-fi
  • Dozens of space ship equipment options and boosts
  • Unexpected story twists
  • Integration with Facebook
  • Play with your friends and compete for top scores
  • Unlock the Space Opera story as you progress

Free download from Apple iTunes: http://zgam.es/QIXiOS

Free download from Google Play: http://zgam.es/playQIX