Pokemon Go

Gamers breaking out: kick off the in-real-world gaming era

What’s in the current Pokémon Go breakthrough for the gaming world? Seemingly a no-brainer, the game has garnered that much kudos in some couple of weeks! Aching to surpass Pokémon saga’s triumphant comeback and seamlessly integrate those real and gaming worlds, industry insiders and investment enthusiasts are likely to double their efforts while competing for a loyal fanbase of gamers who ventured to break the apartment walls barrier looking to be rewarded with a whole new experience.

But is the game worth the candle? In the wake of the Pokémon phenomenon, zGames foremost pros were invited by TV experts and leading tech information portal contributors to speak out on their vision of the trend’s prospects.

Pokemon Go News

Harnessing the opportunities of augmented reality mechanics in our projects for quite some time, we emphasized its exceptional potential if coupled with the in-real-world gaming concept back then in 2015 in our insights on rising gaming trends. Notwithstanding that games like Pokémon Go are mostly referred to as location-based ones, our tech watchers believe it would be somewhat irrelevant to classify them into this group. They suggest applying merged notions like within-world surroundings games or in-real-world games.

During one of the interviews, zGames marketing director underpinned the importance of keeping up with the evolving concept, as it offers a unique experience through its connection with the natural surroundings, while featuring yet more advanced AR tech as compared to other games that immerse players into a fantasy environment totally detracting them from the real world. All the more as for zGames team that started testing the waters of the winning “AR + natural setting” combination, long before it hit the scene, it’s about to pay off with a bunch of unconventional projects underway. Our park of devices includes Microsoft Hololens, Oculus Rift, Google Glass, Epson Moverio Glasses, and a couple of novelties by the leading high tech brands available to us through our close relations to them and cooperation on multiple development projects.

Got some solid ideas of a new within-world surroundings title or need a hand in game design or development? Come drop us a line, we’ll help turn your visions into a reality!