TWOTW: Augmented Reality

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See Fighting Machines and Martians!

See Martians and Martian Fighting Machines using your iPhone or iPad!

And keep track of your favorite news, tour, and album release dates from Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of The Worlds!

Using Augmented Reality technology and the camera of your device, you can see Martian Fighting, Handling and Flying Machines, and even the Martians themselves...right on your desk or table!

Act out scenes from the Martian invasion. View Mars and look for the green mist, or watch for the Martian to appear from the cylinder in Horsell Common. Control the Martian technology of the Fighting, Flying, and Handling machines and view from any angle...all in full 3D. Chase the Victorian man and unleash the power of the Heat Ray.



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How to Use the App

  • Download a .pdf file with markers from here: http://www.zgames.com/download/TWOTWmarkers.pdf
  • Print the markers and cut them out.
  • Place markers in front of you, launch the app and go to the VIEW mode. Catch the marker with the camera eye.

Now Your Reality is Augmented!

  • Tap 3D objects to see what will happen next.
  • Use the joystick to operate Martian machines.
  • Tap the joystick to fire with the Heat Ray!
  • Tap the camera icon to take a picture.