TWOTW: Minigame Adventure

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The original HG Wells story was first published as a series of adventures for Pearsons Magazine in 1897.

So in homage we've created a 12-part Minigame Adventure of The War of the Worlds. Each minigame is based on one of the scenes in Jeff Wayne's Musical Version, and features the music, sounds, and dialogue from the award-winning musical version.

Advance the story as you complete each minigame. Start with the Prequel puzzle adventure quest, where you learn how the Martians surveyed Earth. Work your way through different game styles with each Episode, from puzzle to action to arcade games.

Survive on the streets of London under attack! Pilot the Thunder Child to keep the Martian Fighting Machines at bay while Carrie escapes! Hide from the Martians with the Parson! Play cards with the Artilleryman! And ultimately, defeat the Martians.

The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million-to-one, he said...

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  • Game Design
  • Game Development
  • Art Design
  • Sound Effects
  • Quality Assurance

Key Features:

  • Serialized gameplay, with a new adventure every few weeks!
  • Follows the storyline of The War of The Worlds
  • Features the music and sounds of Jeff Wayne's award-winning Musical Version
  • Supports Retina display on iPhone 4 for outstanding visuals
  • 12 unique minigames, each with a different style of play


  • iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad
  • iOS version 4.0 or above


An adventure style game that sets the stage for the coming of the Martians!

The Eve of The War

Manipulating mirrors and light, adjust a telescope and watch Mars just before the Martian invasion of Earth.

Horsell Common and The Heat Ray

An action survival game. Stay alive, avoid the Heat Ray, and rescue as many surviving humans as possible.

The Artilleryman and The Fighting Machine

A strategy game of (literally!) unequal forces. Battle the Martians as you sacrifice artilleryman after artilleryman in a desperate attempt to defeat the Martian Fighting Machines. Includes Multiplayer Hot Seat and Game Center support!

Forever Autumn

As the autumn leaves fall, tap to the melody of Forever Autumn. Includes both Easy and Hard options, Game Center achievements, and bonus tracks.

Thunder Child

With a whoosh of spray, swing the Thunder Child toward the incoming Martian Fighting Machines, fire your cannons, and defend Carrie and the steamers escaping the shores of London.

The Red Weed (Part I)

Try to stop the slimy Red Weed from spreading over the land as it changes every patch of green grass it touches into red tendrils.

Spirit of Man

The Parson Nathaniel is convinced the Martians are demons from the Devil. Is defending the Earth from the demons something worth living (or dying) for?

The Red Weed (Part II)

Avoid the claw of a Martian Handling Machine as you make your way to the cellar in this puzzle minigame.

The Artilleryman Returns

Help the Journalist navigate the streets of destroyed London.

Brave New World

Sit and play cards with the young Artilleryman as he talks about his dream of an underground city.

Dead London

Infect the Martian blood stream and compromise their immune system. You may be small, but humanity is depending on you!