EON Break


Eon Break is a metroidvania-style Unity-driven game featuring Nikola Tesla as the main character. He’s fighting disgusting mutants, infiltrates into Nazi research laboratories for alien technologies, travels in time, and operates powerful fighting and shield devices.


A subgenre of the action-adventure video game. Metroidvania-style games encourage players to explore and experiment with the world, while acquiring special items, tools, weapons or abilities.

The game art style and color scheme feature a mix of neons inspired by the sci-fi movies of the 80’s with the dieselpunk of the 40’s. Every single object in the game is hand-drawn.

Spider boss sketch

Spider boss sketch

Spider boss in-game version

Spider boss in-game version


The Plot

Eon Break tells the story of an alternative World War II. The Nazi forces have created horrendous weapons and are now destroying the last Allies in Europe. The Third Reich crushes and burns the entire countries with alien technologies at their disposal.

In 1943, Nikola Tesla travels through time trying to change its flow and prevent the Nazi invasion.

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  • Art Design
  • Sound Effects


Nikola Tesla, a Genius Scientist

A genius scientist with astonishingly crazy ideas that actually work. One of the most mysterious persons in history. He is the real Tony Stark of the 20th century. The player needs to discover the truth behind Tesla's life and death and choose a destiny that has many alternate game endings.

Tesla on bike

Nikola Tesla on a hovering bike

Insidious Creatures

There is a wide variety of enemies in the game and each one is unique both visually and in terms of behavior. They include huge classic machines of destruction and unique creatures that require unconventional approaches to defeat them.

One of the bosses

One of the bosses from the infested part of the labs

The Twins

The Twins

Incredible Devices to Discover

The player shall develop special abilities: control time and transfer one's mind to the past self, teleport and shift objects between realities, tear apart enemies. For this, the player may need to activate a special protection shield — HALO, build defensive Life Support Droids (LSDs), employ the Tesla Electric Assault Rifle (TEAR).

Tesla Gun in lightning mode

Tesla Gun in lightning mode

Life Support Droid

Life Support Droid defends from soldiers and... bad smells

A Huge Open World to Explore

The surroundings to be explored feature dense forests, Nazi war bases, mountains, underground facilities and an enormous crash site of the alien spaceship called Angel.

Explore locations

Exploring locations

Move'n'Think Challenge

'Move / Shoot / Think' is the main motto of Eon Break. The game is all about movement. To survive, the player needs to use the power of mind, gun and/or droid. Every room is designed to challenge either the player'a reaction or intellectual abilities. Every ability can be used to move and fight or solve puzzles.

Interact with the game world in unique ways

Interact with the game world in unique ways

Target Devices

The game is under development. The initial release of Eon Break will run on PC, Mac, and Linux. Further releases will target Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.