Banana Blitz


A colorful 2D Drop and Catch game against cunning monkeys

Banana Blitz is a colorful and challenging single- and multiplayer modification of the traditional drop & catch style of classic arcade/console video games, featuring multiple goals, difficulty modes, and upgrades.

The setting is a well-liked “somewhere deep in the jungle”, where the main character — an adventurer — has to pick up as many bananas thrown down by a monkey as possible while avoiding coconuts and poop. The goal is to complete all levels unlocking and maxing up upgrades, and gain achievements by the course of the game.

zGames helped create an engaging gameplay based on a detailed game design document to ensure faster turnaround during the development stage and higher player involvement first tested during the soft launch of the game in Australia.

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  • Game Design
  • Game Development
  • Prototyping
  • Art Design
  • Sound Effects
  • Quality Assurance

Key Features:

  • Engaging gameplay with colorful 2D cartoon-style graphics and characters
  • Set of monkey opponents altering the gameplay
  • Boosts, premium currency
  • Side-view fixed point camera
  • Visualized progress: the achievements map shows the progress of all players in the multiplayer mode


  • iOS 7 or later
  • iPhone 4S, iPad 3 or newer
  • Android OS 4.1 or later
  • Facebook account

The Gameplay

The splash screen redirects the player to the main menu, which offers several locations to choose from, each presenting a separate area in the jungle and containing a set of levels with a particular monkey opponent. Only the first level is unlocked from the beginning, while others get unlocked during the gameplay. Reaching the last level within the area, the player comes to a crucial “battle” where one should defeat the monkey in order to unlock next location with levels of increased complexity and faster monkey opponents.

Tapping on a level icon opens Level Setup screen where one can find information about the chosen level (victory conditions, leaderboard, etc.), while the Play button reveals the game field and gets the gameplay started. The top part of the gameplay screen is covered with leaves where the monkey is hiding. As soon as the countdown reaches zero, the monkey starts throwing bananas down interspersing them with coconuts and poop — the obstacles that should be avoided in order not to lose points or lives. Most part of the gaming session the monkey is visible, otherwise it shakes leaves while moving so as the player could track it. The character with a basket is at the bottom of the screen, and the player controls it sliding his finger across the screen to the right or to the left where bananas fall.

The player scores points for each banana caught, so the task is to complete the mission accumulating as many score points as possible. The game is over once the player loses all three lives for missed bananas or caught coconuts and poop. The Game End screen shows the results of the match, and then the player can spend collected in-game currency on various boosts and upgrades available in the menu. Resurrection popups allow returning back to the gameplay with all three lives restored. Players can revive the character either for premium currency or through watching a video ad (available only once a match).

Only soft currency (bananas) is awarded during the gameplay, while the premium one (banana chips) can be received for the Task of the Day achievements or purchased. The player can earn a small amount of premium currency in Banana Rocket minigame as well.

The Banana Rocket Minigame

The Banana Rocket minigame is an alternate gameplay that can be activated during the regular session. The player should collect a specific amount of bananas without missing a single one or hitting an obstacle in order to activate the Banana Rocket. Once the Great Banana falls down, the player should catch it triggering the start of the minigame. The minigame offers a modified mechanics — here the character moves upwards.